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News from Brickwall Cottage Garden


The Royal Horticultural Society has been running a trial of Geums at Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire. Three each of approximately 130 Geums were donated from various sources, including Brickwall Cottage Nursery, and these were planted in a raised bed adjacent to the Alpine house.

A Forum comprising a group of nursery owners and people with a particular interest in Geums met a number of times in 2022. They assessed the vigour and health of the plants and judged the quality of the flowers with the aim of choosing those which would qualify for an AGM (Award of Garden Merit) at the end of the trial. The Trial has now (April 2023) been finalised and details of those plants which have been awarded an AGM are as follows:

Bell Bank, Cotton Candy, Hilltop Beacon, Princess Juliana, Totally Tangerine, Tales of Hex, Lisanne, Golden Joy, Pink Petticoats, Scarlet Tempest, Custard Tart and Smokey Peach.

The AGM for Mrs. J. Bradshaw has been confirmed.

Lady Stratheden and Fire Opal had their AGMs rescinded.


This page updated 27 April, 2023.

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