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The National Collection of Geum

The National Collection in Brickwall Cottage Garden

Maintaining the Collection:

The plant collections are overseen by the charity Plant Heritage, originally the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, (NCCPG),  which was set up in 1978 in order to protect the plants we grow in our gardens, many of which might otherwise be lost to cultivation.

In order to qualify for National Collection status the applicant has to have 75% of the plants listed in the RHS Plant Finder of that genus. These need to be well established in the ground and there should be 3 of each.  At Brickwall Cottages the geums are grown throughout the garden, and wherever possible specimens of each cultivar are given different conditions, e.g. shade, semi-shade, or full sun.

Plant Heritage requires that Collection Holders submit an annual report.  In addition to this Sue keeps her own records.  At the end of winter she assesses the condition of each plant and replaces any that have not survived or do not look healthy.  Each week during the flowering season she records which plants are in flower.

At the end of 2022 there were 113 different cultivars growing in the garden at 1 Brickwall Cottages forming the National Collection.  In the majority of cases 3 of each cultivar were planted in different positions thus providing a range of growing conditions.

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Geum 'Abendsonne'
Upward facing double bright orange/yellow flowers with frilly petals.
Height 20-30cm. The plant in sun/semi shade flowered best, for 6 weeks from mid April to the end of May.

Apricot Pearl

Geum 'Apricot Pearl'
Large semi double flowers, 3cm diameter. The petals are pale pinky orange over a cream base. The bright red calyx acts as a contrast.
Height 40cm. Spreads slowly.
Flowered well in semi shade for 6 weeks from early April to the end of May. The plant in full shade did not flower.

Apricot Sundae

Geum 'Apricot Sundae'
Single bowl shaped flowers. At first the petals are tinged with soft orange but later this turns pink over a cream base. A new plant in the Collection from Marchant’s Hardy Plants so few flowers this year.

Height 10cm. Spread 18cm. Flowered for 6 weeks from late April to early June in a sunny position.


Geum 'Bachelfe'
Drooping flowers with pale yellow/white petals almost completely enclosed by similarly coloured calyx. The fruits, achenes, are attractive in themselves. In many respects this is a thug, spreading to about a metre - good for groundcover. There is only room for one in the Collection, growing in sun/part shade.
Flowered for 9 weeks from the end of March to the end of May.
Height 60cm.

Beech's Double

Geum 'Beech's Double'
Similar to Geum ‘Bell Bank’ but with bigger more double flowers. Salmon pink petals contrast with yellow stamens.
A new acquisition it has settled well in a sunny position and flowered for 8 weeks from early April to late May. Height 40cm.

Bell Bank

Geum 'Bell Bank'
Drooping double flowers with frilly petals, which are pale pink on the inside and deeper pink on the outside. The flowers gradually become flat and outward facing as they mature.
An old cultivar, vigorous and floriferous. Height 30/45cm. Does well in sun or semi shade. In 2020 flowered for 7 weeks from early April to mid May.

Blazing Sunset

Geum 'Blazing Sunset'
Large double deep red flowers - 4cm diameter. Upright stems, approx 80cm, often divide into 3, the terminal flower opening first. Does well in sun. Flowered for 6 weeks from end April to early June, with the occasional blooms into August.

Bremners Nectarine

Geum 'Bremner's Nectarine'
The name describes the colour of the large single flowers - up to 4cm diameter.
The tall stems approx 80cm stand up well.
Recently divided plants flowered in sun for 6 weeks from mid April to mid May but more established plants have flowered for longer in previous years.


Geum 'Butterscotch'
Deep orange cup-shaped flowers with some deeper orange splashes on the petals.
A small, low growing plant which makes an impact with its bright flowers whether in sun or part shade. Flowered for 9 weeks in sun and 7 weeks in part shade in April and May.

Can Can

Geum 'Can Can'
Large very double flowers, golden yellow with red splashes.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 20vm.
The plant in shade and rather smothered by neighbouring plants didn’t flower at all, but the one in sun flowered for 7 weeks from early April to mid May.


Geum 'Carlotta'
Large single buttercup yellow flowers, up to 4cm diameter. Quickly develops large surface rhizomes. Height 30 - 40cm.
Flowered for 7 weeks from late April until early June.

Coral Pearl

Geum 'Coral Pearl'
Large double flowers with yellow base colour tinged with various shades of orange. Reverse of petals more yellow contrasting with a deep red calyx.
A new acquisition which has done well, flowering for 6 weeks from late April to the end of May in sun/part shade.

Cotton Candy

Geum 'Cotton Candy'
A very floriferous spreading cultivar with open flowers. The pale pink petals are frilly and widely spaced. The dark red calyces and stems provide an attractive contrast.
Flowered for 7 weeks from early April to mid May.
More details on the Geum page.

Country Rock

Geum 'Country Rock'
Single flowers, the petals separated at the base. Creamy orange background  with deeper colouring on the veins and edges.
Only one plant which has been smothered by others, but flowered for 5 weeks from mid April to mid May.

Cumbrian Candy

Geum 'Cumbrian Candy'
Semi-double drooping flowers. The petals are soft yellow inside and pink/orange on the outside contrasting with the bright red calyces.
Flower diameter when fully open 2cm. Spread after 1year 18cm.
Flowered for 11weeks from early March to late May.

Custard Tart

Geum 'Custard Tart'
Bright lemon yellow petals which slightly overlap. The stems and calyces are pale green.
Flower diameter 2.5 cm. Height 20cm.
The only plant to produce flowers was the one in deep shade, a late comer at the beginning of June. More have been planted in hopefully better conditions.

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