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~ some of which are only available in small numbers.
The list is therefore always changing, but the following
are currently available (November 2017).

Alabama Slammer
Alabama Slammer

One of the ‘Cocktail’ series. The double flowers are golden yellow/orange with a mass of bright yellow stamens in the centre. The calyx and stems are dark red. Average flowering time April until the beginning of June -approximately 8 weeks.
Height 34cm. Diameter of flower 2.5cm


One of the most vigorous geums, making large clumps of excellent ground-cover.  Drooping flowers with pale yellow/white petals enclosed by green calyces.The flowers are followed by attractive seed heads (achenes). Happy in shade. Flowering time can be as much as 11 weeks, from March to the end of May.
Height 60cm.   Diameter of flower 1cm.

Bell Bank
Bell Bank

Large double flowers, the coppery/pink petals have frilly edges. They are drooping at first but as they mature they become outward facing. The calyces and stems are dark red/brown. A strong, reliable older variety. Sun or part shade. Flowering time from mid April to the beginning of June.
Height 45cm. Diameter of flower 3.5cm

Birkheads Creamy Lemon
Birkhead's Creamy

This originated at Birkhead’s Secret Garden and Nursery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The drooping cup-shaped flowers are pale yellow with orange splashes and orange edges to the petals. The calyces which are dark red contrast well with the petals.
Height 14-18cm. Diameter of flower 3cm

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

This is a fast growing plant with attractive drooping flowers. The frilly petals are widely separated and are pale cream with pink edges, contrasting well with  the bright red calyces. Sun or semi-shade. Flowering time is between 8 and 10 weeks from mid April early June. Height 31cm. Flower diameter 4cm     


Selected from seedlings of Lisanne here at Brickwall Cottage this has proved to be a vigorous free-flowering cultivar.  The double
flowers are yellow on the outside with orange splashes and soft orange in the centre.
Happy in sun or part shade. Flowers for at least 9 weeks from early April to mid June. Height approx. 46cm.


A reliable plant, good for the front of a border in sun or semi-shade. Soft orange semi-double cup-shaped flowers which are slightly drooping with dark red contrasting calyces.
Usually starts flowering mid to late April and can continue until early June - about 9 weeks. Height 45cm. Flower diameter 3/5cm

Herterton Primrose
Herterton Primrose

A rare cultivar from Herterton House in Northumberland. Vibrant single yellow saucer-shaped flowers. Variable flowering times from 3 - 6 weeks from early April/early May or mid May/early June.  Sun or semi-shade.
Height up to 39cm. Flower diameter 3cm


Small very double red and cream flowers.
Makes a compact plant.
Flowers from mid April to mid May.
Height 27cm. Flower diameter 2/3cm

Mai Tai
Mai Tai

One of the best of the ‘Cocktail’ series in my growing conditions. Large double frilly orange/cream flowers cover the plants from
April to June, approximately 7 weeks.  Happy in sun or part shade.
Height 31cm. Flower diameter 4cm

Rivale Apricot
rivale Apricot

Drooping single apricot coloured flowers with contrasting bright red calyces. Happy in semi-shade or sun. Flowering time from mid April to late May.
Height 45cm. Flower diameter 2/3cm

rivale Leonard's

An old variety.  The drooping deep coppery pink flowers can be double, semi-double or single on the same plant. Makes good groundcover at the front of a border in sun or semi-shade. Flowering time approximately 9 weeks from early April to the end of May. Height 30cm. Flower diameter 2/3 cms.

Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze

A new cultivar in the ‘Cocktail’ Series. Upward facing single/double bright orange flowers.  Strong dark green leaves. To date flowering has been from early/mid May to early June.
Height 27cm. Flower diameter 4cm


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