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Geum 'Dawn'
A seedling selected at Brickwall Cottages in 2009 and which has performed consistently well ever since. A strong spreading plant with drooping double flowers. The petals are golden yellow inside and streaked with orange on the outside.
It does well in semi-shade flowering for 8 weeks from early April until the end of May.

Flower diameter 3cm. Height 50cm. Spread over 1 metre.

Dolly North

Geum 'Dolly North'
A long established cultivar and plants sold under this name vary considerably. Originally described as ‘bearing a profusion of large semi-double flowers, glowing deep orange’.
It stands out in a border with strong branching stems and will flower in sun or part shade, in 2020 for 6 weeks from the end of April to the beginning of June.

East of Eden
Geum 'East of Eden'
Delicate pale pink flowers, the petals have frilly edges and are separated at the base.
Diameter of flower 4 cm. Height 20 cm.
One plant in shade didn’t flower another had one flower but the one in sun flowered for 6 weeks from mid April until the end of May.
El Wano
Geum 'El Wano'
A strong plant with a mass of golden yellow flowers with conspicuous red calyces.
Flower diameter 4cm. Height 30cm.
Growing in shade it flowered for 8 weeks from early April until the end of May.

Fancy Frills

Geum 'Fancy Frills'
Double flowers with very frilly petals. The base colour is cream with pink edges to the petals. Masses of flowers for 5 weeks from late April until the end of May.
Growing in shade. Fairly new acquisition, another plant will be grown in sun next year to see how that performs.

Farmer John Cross
Geum 'Farmer John Cross'
A long standing cultivar, it was introduced in 1990. Distinctive bright yellow drooping flowers with red calyces.
A useful ground covering plant, will do well in shade or semi-shade.
Height approx 40cm.

Geum 'Farncombe'
A chiloense type with bright orange double flowers on very tall stems which are inclined to sprawl. Slow to increase but there are now 2 plants in the Collection, the one in full sun flowered for 6 weeks, from mid April to late May. The plant in part sun/part shade flowered for 4 weeks from mid May until June.
Flower diameter up to 5.5 cm. Height 60cm.


Geum 'Feuerball'
Plants from 3 sources have been tried over the years but none have thrived. The most recent has bright orange double flowers, a previous one had red flowers, so there may be different strains sold under this name.
In 2020 the few flowers appeared for 4 weeks in May on short stems.

Fire Opal

Geum 'Fire Opal'
Large double frilly orange flowers. The stiff stems stand up well. Growing in part sun/part shade it flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.
Flower diameter 4-5cm. Height 40-50cm


Geum 'Flame'
Small single, occasionally semi double, burnt orange  flowers.  Although the flowers are only 2-3cm across they are distinctive in their unusual colour. A long living plant which flowered for 7 weeks in semi-shade.

Flames of Passion

Geum 'Flames of Passion'
The latest acquisition is the first one to survive over the winter. It is a small low growing plant with double drooping pink/red flowers. In full sun it flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May. The plant in a raised bed in semi shade did not survive.
Flower diameter 3cm.  Height 30cm.

Flower of Darkness
Geum 'Flower of Darkness'
Single lemon yellow cup shaped flowers, diameter 2cm. Height of stems 7cm.
Planted in a raised bed in sun this has grown little and only flowered sparsely for 3 weeks.
Geum 'Gimlet'
One of the Cocktail Series raised in the USA this has done relatively well in a sunny position but overshadowed by other plants.
It has double frilly upward-facing flowers, diameter 2cm, height 30cm. Spread after one year 25 x 20cm. Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.
Golden Joy
Geum 'Golden Joy' (AGM)
An excellent introduction from DK Plants this has done well in a shady position.
Double frilly golden yellow flowers, drooping at first but becoming upward facing.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 25 cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to the end of May.
Geum 'Hannay's'
This has been in the Collection since 2008 and has performed consistently well.
A spreading plant bearing a mass of soft orange cup-shaped flowers, drooping at first becoming upward facing as they mature.
Flower diameter 3-4cm. Height 30cm.
Flowered for 8 weeks from early April until the end of May.
Hilltop Beacon

Geum 'Hilltop Beacon' (AGM)
An excellent plant. The strong tall stems radiate from a central point bearing soft orange single and double flowers. It is planted in several places in the garden and does equally well in all conditions.
The flowers are 4cm across and the stems up to 80cm tall.
Flowered for 11 weeks from late March until June.

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