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rivale Album
Geum rivale 'Album'
Drooping flowers with creamy/white petals almost completely enclosed by the calyx.
The plant spreads by rhizomes making good evergreen ground cover.
Flower diameter 1cm. Height up to 50cm. Flowered for 7 weeks in all conditions, sun/semi-shade/shade. Needed a lot of watering in very hot weather.
rivale Apricot

Geum rivale 'Apricot'
Almost the same as rivale ‘Marmalade’. Geum rivale ‘Apricot’ is slightly deeper orange and Geum rivale ‘Marmalade’ has more red on the petals.
Both have drooping flowers with contrasting dark red calyces and stems.
Flower diameter 2 - 3 cm when fully open. Height 50cm.
Flowered for 7 weeks in shade.

rivale Deep Rose

Geum rivale 'Deep Rose'
Drooping flowers with deep pink petals. The calyces and stems are very dark red/brown making a striking contrast.  Good ground cover.
Flower diameter 2cm. Height 40cm.
Flowered for 7 weeks in shade.

rivale Lemon Drops

Geum rivale 'Lemon Drops'
Small drooping flowers, the pale yellow petals being almost covered by the calyx at first, more of the petals becoming visible as the flower matures. Discovered by Beth Chatto in her garden.
Flower diameter 1cm. Height 25cm.
Flowering time 5 weeks from late April to late May.


Geum 'Rubin'
Perhaps the best chiloense type, hardly ever without some flowers.
Bright red double flowers are held upright on stiff stems.
Flower diameter 5cm. Height 60 cm.
Flowered continuously for 11 weeks up to the beginning of June, followed by single stems bearing a few flowers ever since.
The only problem with this plant is that it bulks up very slowly so is seldom available.

Rusty Young
Geum 'Rusty Young'
Bright lemon yellow petals with orange/ red streaks. Drooping flowers on slowly spreading plants.
Flower diameter 2 - 3 cm. Height 35cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to mid May in shade.

Scarlet Tempest
Geum Scarlet Tempest' (AGM)
A recently introduced plant which shows great potential.
Large double bright Scarlet flowers covered the plant for 9 weeks in sun/semishade.
The plant in shade didn’t do well so has been moved!
Flower diameter 5 cm. Height 25 cm.
Smokey Peach

Geum 'Smokey Peach' (AGM)
Large drooping double flowers with frilly petals. Yellow at first with peach edges and splashes on petals becoming peach coloured all over with darker veins.
Flower diameter 2cm. Height 40cm. Flowered for 9 weeks in shade from mid March to mid May.
An excellent plant with abundant flowers on stiff stems.

Stacey's Sunrise
Geum 'Stacey's Sunrise'
Drooping bowl-shaped soft orange single flowers.
This is invariably the first Geum to flower. Started mid March and continued for 11 weeks until the end of May in shade.
Flower diameter when fully open up to 3cm. Height 45cm.
Starkers Magnificum

Geum 'Starker’s Magnificum'
Soft orange rather scruffy looking double flowers. The 40cm long stems are inclined to flop so best grown among other plants to keep it upright.
In semi shade it flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.

Sweet Angel Dar
Geum 'Sweet Angel Dar'
Single drooping peachy/pink flowers. A low growing spreading plant which was covered in flowers for 8 weeks from early April to end of May in shade.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 30cm.
Tales of Hex
Geum 'Tales of Hex' (AGM)
Large double frilly lemon yellow flowers stand up well on green stems.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 22cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to the end of May in shade.
Totally Tangerine

Geum 'Totally Tangerine' (AGM)
Almost the most popular Geum to have been introduced in recent years.
Large semi-double or single bright orange flowers are born in profusion on stiff stems, no staking required!
Flower diameter 4cm. Height up to 60cm.
Flowered for 7 weeks from mid April to the beginning of June in sun/semi-shade.
Normally would flower for longer than this but the extremely hot weather caused it to stop early.


Geum 'Turbango'
Small drooping deep/orange flowers. The calyx and stem are bright red making an interesting contrast.
Flower diameter 1cm. Height 12cm. Spread after one year 26x26 cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.

Turnpike Troubadour

Geum 'Turnpike Troubadour'
Large bowl-shaped drooping creamy yellow flowers with red edges to the petals.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 18cm.
Flowered for 8 weeks from early April to end May in sun/semi-shade.

Two Tone Pearl

Geum 'Two Tone Pearl'
Semi-double creamy yellow flowers with traces of red at the base of the petals, along the edges and veins.
Flower diameter 2.5cm. Height 24 cm. A small plant but growing in inhospitable conditions in shade. Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.

Tutti Frutti

Geum 'Tutti Frutti'
Only produced a few flowers, overshadowed by other plants.
Drooping double flowers, the petals have a cream base overlaid with bright pink.
Flower diameter 1cm. Height 7cm. Flowered for 4 weeks, middle May to early June.


Geum x intermedium 'Hofrennydd'
Semi-drooping  creamy yellow/white flowers, a prominent yellow/green calyx covers the top of the petals. A strong spreading plant with many flowers for 5 weeks from mid April to mid May in shade. Flower diameter 5cm. Height 15-20cm.

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