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Geum 'Karlskaer'
Single light orange flowers with darker markings in the centre. A resilient long lived plant suitable for the front of a border in semi-shade.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 25/30cm.
Flowered for 5 weeks from mid April to the end of May.
Lady Stratheden
Geum 'Lady Stratheden'
Lots of small double golden yellow flowers on strong upright stems. A very popular cultivar which first gained an Award of Garden Merit in 1921.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 50/60cm.
Flowered equally well in sun and semi-shade, for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.
Geum 'Lisanne' (AGM)
Large single acid yellow flowers which droop at first and then face upwards. The red calyces make a good contrast.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 30 cm.
Flowered for 7 weeks from mid April until early June.
Maddy Prior
Geum 'Maddy Prior'
Large single flowers. The frilly cream petals have pink colouring on the veins and edges.
Dark brown calyces and stems make a good contrast.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 32 cm. Spread after one year 30cm.
Flowered for 4 weeks in deep shade and 5 weeks in semi-shade.
Magic Toybox
Geum 'Magic Toolbox'
Double drooping flowers with peach/pink frilly petals.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 26cm. Spread 30x30 cm.
The flowers on the plant in a poor situation surrounded by box hedges were larger and more plentiful than those on the plant in an open bed with better soil. Both in some sun and some shade.
Flowering time 6 weeks from mid April to late May.
Mai Tai

Geum 'Mai Tai'
A popular plant with attractive large double flowers, the frilly petals are pink/orange on the inside, cream on the outside. One of the Cocktail Series this has faired better than most. Of the 3 planted in the garden the one in full sun flowered well, the one in shade didn’t flower at all, and the one in a raised bed surrounded by other Geums, died in the winter.

Flower diameter 4cm. Height 30cm.
The successful plant flowered for 5 weeks from late April to late May.

Geum 'Mandarin'
One of the best chiloense types with large double outward facing flowers on strong stems. It does well in sun or partial shade.
Flower diameter 4.5cm. Height in the region of 60cm.
It flowered continuously for 9 weeks from early March to June with occasional flowers well into late summer.
Marchants Apricot Sundae
Geum 'Marchant's Apricot Sundae'
Introduced by Marchant’s Hardy Plants this is a low growing plant with drooping flowers that are more pink than apricot. The diameter of the flowers when fully open is 2cm. Height 25-30cm.
Did well in sun/semi shade, flowering for 9 weeks from March until mid May.
Geum 'McClure's Magic'
This has proved to be a robust free flowering plant for shade. The drooping flowers are soft pink with a contrasting dark red calyx.
Flower diameter 2cm. Height 18cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to the end of May.
Morning Sun
Geum 'Morning Sun'
Golden yellow single flowers which droop at first but become upward facing as they mature. The flowers are small, diameter 1.5cm, but show up well due to their intense colour. Height 20cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks in semi shade, from early April to mid May.
Mrs W Moore

Geum 'Mrs W.Moore'
Drooping pale pink / cream flowers with darker pink calyces which enclose the petals Flower diameter 2cm. Height 25 - 30 cm.
Flowering time in sun/dappled shade 2weeks at the end of April.
(It flowered for 5 weeks in 2019).

Geum 'Nona'
Double flowers with frilly golden yellow petals which are a deeper red/orange at the edges. Although a small plant it was very striking with a mass of flowers for 6 weeks from mid April to end of May.
Flower diameter 3cm. Height 16cm.
Geum 'Norwell Lemon Yellow'
Introduced by Norwell Nursery it has been in the Collection since 2012.
The drooping flowers are a soft yellow, the petals being enclosed by a pale green calyx.
Flower diameter 1cm. Height 20cm.
This year it only flowered for 2 weeks in early May in shade.
Pink Petticoats

Geum 'Pink Petticoats' (AGM)
Double semi drooping flowers. Pale pink undertone with deeper pink splashes on the outer petals. The reddish/brown calyx makes a good contrast with prominent epicalyces.
Flower diameter 4.5cm. Height 30cm. Spread after one year 30cm.
Very similar to Beech’s Double with slightly larger flowers. Extremely floriferous. Flowered for 6 weeks from mid April to late May.

Pink Petticoats
Pink Petticoats
Princes Juliana
Geum 'Prinses Juliana' (AGM)
Probably imported into this country from Holland in the 1940s, this was one of the first Geums included in the Collection. It has deep orange double flowers on stiff stems.
Flower diameter 5cm. Height approximately 60cm. It flowered from 5 - 6 weeks depending on how overshadowed it was by other plants. All situations were potentially sunny with shade at certain times of day.
Rearsby hybrid

Geum 'Rearsby Hybrid'
Semi-double soft orange flowers on strong stems approximately 30cm high.
Flowered for 6 weeks in 2019 but failed to flower in 2020, either because of the heat or it needed dividing.

Red Dragon

Geum 'Red Dragon'
Large double bright red flowers. It does appear to come true from seed but is not a long lived plant. Flower diameter 5cm. Height up to 60cm.
Flowered for 6 weeks from the end of April until the beginning of June in sun/part shade.

Red Wings

Geum 'Red Wings'
A long lived reliably floriferous plant with large double bright red flowers.
Flower diameter 5cm. Height 60cm. Flowered for 7 weeks in all situations in the garden, all mainly in sun with shade at certain times of day.


Geum 'Rijnstroom'
Large open single or double soft orange flowers up to 6cm in diameter.
Height 55cm.  Slow to bulk up. Flowered for 6 weeks from end of April until June.

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